I am Kornel Juhasz, guitarist and composer, living in Dublin.

I have already released two albums with my previous bands, performed on international jazz festivals and won the 1st prize of a jazz-radio song competition. I was also a Washburn jazz guitar artist/endorser for two years.

I am available:

- for events, clubs, bars and restaurants - with 2 hours latin-jazz guitar performance,

- as a session guitarist - for jazz-, blues-, and rock bands,

- for teaching guitar technics and melodic improvisation.


Gigs in different styles in July

In July I play

- with the Vintage Vibes Band (on the picture) on the 13th Saturday in Tullamore. This is my second show with them, playing a lot of very nice songs, from Bruno Mars to AC/DC, and even one Queen song as well,

- and I play jazz in duo with Peter Booth on the 28th, Sunday afternoon at Tram Café, perfoming among others Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble songs.   


tel.: +353 83 359 8515